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Favorite Tools

Favorite Tools

Hand pickaxe

Hand weeder

Pruning shears

Grass shears

Planting/cultivator mattock

Hori Hori digging and weeding knife

My Hori Hori is my bestie

LA Native Plant Source

Garden trowel

My lambskin work gloves and a good pointed shovel

Watering can

Felco 13 pruners and Ho-mi digger

Clarington Forge transplanting spade (aka rabbit shovel)

Karen likes to use a hand pick. Andreasโ€™ favorite tool is his hands.

Bare hands are great gardening tools since much native foliage has textures that are wonderful to touch. The Indian mallow leaves are soft like velvet while the delightful scents of native sage will linger on your hands.

My soil knife and Cobra for fine-tuned weeding. FormLA is my backup! They do the heavy lifting.

Small pruning shears

Nothing beats a really sharp pair of pruning shears.

Handheld shrub rake

Rotating-handle hand pruner!

Radius Garden 205 Pro weeder

A narrow trowel with a red handle fading to pink. Easy to use to loosen soil, remove weeds, or transplant self-seeded natives. Easy to find because the handle is visible wherever I stuck the trowel after tending the garden. We have two of them.

Shark 10-5206 6-inch root cutter

My metal bucket full of clanging tools. It reminds me of Kate, the character in the Mysterious Benedict Society, who can fix anything.

Hori Hori knife

Hand scythes are great for removing annual grasses and filaree!

V-shaped weed puller. Makes removing weeds a breeze.

AM Leonard Hori Hori soil knife and Felco 2 bypass pruners; often I keep them in the house so I donโ€™t waste time walking to the garage when I need to alter something.