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16-Novak Garden


Novak Garden

Sunday April 24 | 10am - 5PM

Private Residence

Design: Novak (resident), Steve Gerischer, Jill Jacobson Bennett, Sage Greenscaping

Care: Sage Greenscaping

Garden Size: 1,200 sq. ft., front/back

Started: 2010

The front garden is an eclectic display of native plants with two fountains, a dry creek bed, and a decorative red bridge. A vintage wrought-iron love seat provides a place for smelling the salvias, watching the birds and the bees (literally) and just hanging out. The back garden is a hybrid native/non-native shade garden. It is a lovely restful sanctuary with bird feeders, water features, and plants that invite a variety of birds and pollinators. Both gardens show what is possible even with a simple 1950s tract house lot.

Notable Plants
Mexican Elderberry

Red Fairyduster (Calliandra californica)
Thickleaf Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon crassifolium)
Ashy Leaf Buckwheat (Eriogonum cinereum)
Tilden Prostrate Purple Sage (Salvia leucophylla โ€˜Tilden Prostrateโ€™)
Mexican Elderberry (Sambucus mexicana)