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10-Wolf & Johnson


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Wolf & Johnson

Saturday April 23 | 10am - 5PM

Private Residence

Design & Care: Vanessa Wolf Native Habitats (resident)

Garden Size: 3,000 sq. ft., front/back

Started: 2018

Our garden is a labor of love to ecologically restore the urban lot where we reside. Here you’ll find only native plants of the Arroyo Seco watershed. We shaped the earth with bioswales to capture all the rainwater that falls onsite. Greywater from our showers and laundry provides a tiny year-round riparian ecology centered around a Goodding’s black willow. The garden delights us most in the morning, as the dew evaporates and the spicy scents of sage, sagebrush, coyote brush, and golden bush envelop the house. As the sun rises, so too arrive the birds, bees, and butterflies.

Notable Plants
Phacelia spp.

Yerba Mansa (Anemopsis californica)
Great Valley Gumweed (Grindelia camporum)
Phacelias (Phacelia spp.)
Goodding’s Black Willow (Salix gooddingii)
California Goldenrod (Solidago velutina ssp. Californica)