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08-LA Native Plant Source


LA Native Plant Source

Saturday April 23 | 10am - 5PM

Private Residence

Design & Care: Bruce Schwartz (resident)

Garden Size: 21,000 sq. ft., back

Started: 2010

The form my garden has taken was influenced by the many native plants I found already growing here: toyon, blue elderberry, laurel sumac, and a grove of coast live oaks. The presence of these and other remnant natives suggested that there must have been others at one time, so I decided to garden as if restoring the land to what it might have been before it was developed. The result, while idealized, is a garden of mostly โ€œhyper-localโ€ native plants that reflects the siteโ€™s specific geographical location, supports the well-being of the oaks, and attracts and nurtures wildlife.

Notable Plants
Coast Live Oak

White Globe Lily (Calochortus albus)
Owlโ€™s Clover (Castilleja exserta)
Coffee Fern (Pellaea andromedifolia)
Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia)
Poison Oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum)