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08-LA Native Plant Source


LA Native Plant Source

Saturday April 23 | 10am - 5PM

Private Residence

Design & Care: Bruce Schwartz (resident)

Garden Size: 21,000 sq. ft., back

Started: 2010

The form my garden has taken was influenced by the many native plants I found already growing here: toyon, blue elderberry, laurel sumac, and a grove of coast live oaks. The presence of these and other remnant natives suggested that there must have been others at one time, so I decided to garden as if restoring the land to what it might have been before it was developed. The result, while idealized, is a garden of mostly “hyper-local” native plants that reflects the site’s specific geographical location, supports the well-being of the oaks, and attracts and nurtures wildlife.

Notable Plants
Coast Live Oak

White Globe Lily (Calochortus albus)
Owl’s Clover (Castilleja exserta)
Coffee Fern (Pellaea andromedifolia)
Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia)
Poison Oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum)