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APRIL 23 & 24

Metropolis in Metamorphosis

Journey through the heart of L.A. to meet plants, people, and creatures who are finding new ways to live, play, and support one another. 

After two years of virtual tours, we’re thrilled to announce that the 2022 Native Plant Garden Tour will be back in-person on April 23 & 24. Spotlighting 34 visionary native plant landscapes across the city, this two-day journey will bring together the plants and people that make Southern California one of the most unique and biodiverse places on the planet. Highlights include 13 gardens new to the tour, a beautifully redesigned tour guide book with in depth coverage of each garden, and an after-party at L.A. State Historic Park.

Featured Gardens

Bonus content! Take a virtual deep dive into our four featured gardens to meet the visionary gardeners who design and care for them. In addition to the nuts-and-bolts practical side of native plant gardening, these interviews explore questions about our role as city dwellers in preserving and restoring the natural environment.

Garvey Nature Garden

Echo Park Forever

Kuruvungna Sacred Springs


Check out our Garden Tour T-Shirt featuring the El Segundo blue butterfly on its exclusive host plant, the sea cliff buckwheat by artist Bijou Karman.

Indigenous Voices

We spoke with Pamela Villaseñor and Alan Salazar, to gain insight on the 2022 theme, “Metropolis in Metamorphosis.”

Tales from the Field

Every garden is a journey and this year we asked each host to share some of their stories from the field. Ranging from lessons learned to moments of awe and wonder, we hope you’ll find something here that surprises even the most seasoned gardener.

2022 Artwork

This illustration by artist Bijou Karman depicts the endangered El Segundo blue butterfly on its exclusive host plant, the sea cliff buckwheat. This unique ecological interaction occurs in the El Segundo dunes, adjacent to the Los Angeles International Airport and the famous Theme Building, also featured in this image. The contradiction of such a specific regional ecological interaction inside a massive global city will inform the themes that we explore on this year’s tour. We’ll ask the questions:

How can we rebuild our unique ecology and preserve our precious natural resources while the city of Los Angeles continues to grow? And how can we inspire Angelenos to embrace a future that nourishes and sustains human and non-human life alike?

We’re excited to bring these questions to life for the 2022 Native Plant Garden Tour!

Thanks To Our Sponsors

Local agencies, businesses, and organizations make the Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour possible. We encourage you to follow the links below to learn more about our sponsors, and the great work they do. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, click the button below.







Theodore Payne Foundation inspires and educates Southern Californians about the beauty and ecological benefits of California native plant landscapes. The Native Plant Garden Tour is our premier outreach event, showcasing the region’s most spectacular gardens.